One step is all that it takes for us to create the momentum towards reaching our goals. The hardest part is actually getting that foot off the ground and planting it hard on the path to achieving our destined  journey towards the life we want.  I have recently been through a five year process of divorce. It took up so much energy in my life and it has been these small steps that I have taken to bring me now to the point in my life where I can feel like I can start moving in leaps and bounds. Knowing that although I was going through huge turmoil in my life I had a direction that I could see and was taking myself towards. Everyone has something going on in their lives. It is in these moments of hardships and challenges that we truly dig deep down into the routes of who we are and what we stand for and grow from.  The key is to believe in you. Trust in your own intuition and the biggest lesson I have learned is to find the love within yourself and lead with your heart. If you can honor who you are and focus on the life that you want such as a healthier life, being happy, having more energy, more balance, whatever your mission you can achieve it! You must first have a path in mind that you can visualize and see what that end result looks like and feels like. Put yourself in that moment of complete health and balance and start living it and breathing it. Now start stepping and know that with each step no matter how big or small or whatever challenges are going on around you, you starting right now are creating the path and the momentum  to take you to where you want to and deserve to be!